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The Delaware Hispanic Commission welcomes comments, questions, feedback, ideas, and interest from the Delaware Hispaic Community and the community of Delawareans at large. Feel free to contact Commission leaders or the leaders of the various Hispanic Commission subcommittees:

Javier Torrijos
(302) 632-8409

Housing Subcommittee
Kevin Smith
(302) 652-0365 ext. 101

Sonia Aguilar
(302) 672-6850
Rosario (Charito) Calvachi-Mateyko
(717) 951-0905

Legal and Social Justice Subcommittee
Tanisha Merced
(302) 395-5178

Transportation Subcommittee
Scott Vien, Director DMV
(302) 744-2545

Education Subcommittee
Sandra Spangler
(302) 672-1952

Community Subcommittee
Rosario (Charito) Calvachi-Mateyko
(717) 951-0905

Economic Development Subcommittee
Sonia Aguilar
(302) 672-6850

Health and Social Services Subcommittee
Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko
(302) 733-1745

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