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The Health and Social Services Subcommittee of the Delaware Hispanic Commission is tasked with providing recommendations on a broad spectrum of issues relevant to healthcare disparities affecting Latino communities in Delaware including Access to Care, Health Education, Screenings and Outreach, Healthcare Funding and Insurance, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse. Furthermore, the Sub-Committee examines the influence of secondary factors on healthcare including Linguistics and Culture, Auxiliary Services such as Transportation, Age, and Gender, as well as Social Determinants.


Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko, PH.D., MBA
Senior Vice President, System Learning
Chief Diversity Officer and Executive Director, Learning Institute


To promote healthy communities where Hispanic Delawareans can have a brighter future by fostering health equity, access to services, and increase the availability of culturally competent (& multi-cultural) healthcare professionals.


To develop policy recommendations and implement health and social services programs providing education and resources to ensure access to healthcare and social services to promote health and well-being.


1. Create a state level literacy education program for everyday Latinos, which will improve their ability to access health care.

2. Develop state mandated cultural competency education requirements from all clinicians.

3. Supply more language services for Spanish-speaking residents, enhancing their ability to communicate with family doctors and mental health providers. (A task force will research how state law can be modified to reimburse translation services.)

4. Foster collaboration between health care systems and community-based programs to develop a coordinated model to implement healthcare programs in all three counties.

5. Strengthen behavioral health services dealing with anxiety, addiction and depression while working to lessen the stigma of seeking help.

6. Compile a list of members of the Hispanic community willing to serve on state and non-profit boards.

Key Priorities:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Access to healthcare resources and education
  • Healthcare Workforce Capacity
  • Examines the influence of secondary factors on healthcare including Linguistics and Culture, Auxiliary Services, and Social Determinants


Cultural and Linguistic Services Assessment ( Final Findings Report )

Delaware group seeks feedback on healthcare for Hispanics (DelawareOnline)

Cultural and Linguistic Dialogue (pdf)

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