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The Housing Subcommittee of the Delaware Hispanic Commission focuses on helping Hispanics find resources to help them deal with housing issues, such as foreclosure prevention, housing discrimination, landlord-tenant rights, and affordable housing opportunities.


Kevin Smith
Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County, Inc.

Resources is a partnership of non-profit and government organizations that provides a free property-listing service that is fast and easy to use and includes detailed listings with pictures, maps, and more. The service includes everything from accessible homes to rentals and affordable homes for sale. Listings are updated daily. Available in Spanish or English.


1. Understanding and respecting cultural differences and customize services.

2. The increase in outreach and education from different state agencies like Delaware State Housing Authority, and other locals, counties agencies with publications in Spanish too.

3. Educations and outreach: Availability to bilingual education, information, and resources.

4. Relationships with the private and nonprofit sectors.

5. New funding for outreach and education.

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