The Community/Social Justice Subcommittee (CSJS) of the Delaware Hispanic Commission is the subcommittee dedicated to outreach in the Latino community in Delaware. It also serves as a conduit to promote the understanding and knowledge of the culture, and outstanding contributions and accomplishments, of the Latino community within the proud wider diversity that exists in Delaware. The Community/Social Justice Subcommittee accomplishes these goals by:

  1. Listening to the concerns of the Latino community and conveying these concerns to the Hispanic Commission, which in turn informs the Governor, agencies and organizations of those concerns;
  2. Building awareness of and engaging in issues of social justice and legal matters affecting Hispanics in Delaware by recommending policy priorities and keeping the Delaware Hispanic Commission informed about legal, legislative and social justice issues affecting Delaware Hispanics;
  3. Facilitating, promoting and maintaining a vibrant Latino community by connecting networks using the Hispanic media and Community Conversations; and
  4. Providing information to the Hispanic community on available services, as well as relevant events in Delaware.

With these goals in mind, the Community/Social Justice Subcommittee invites fellow Delawareans to:

  1. Contact us and send us an e-mail with information promoting service events that you consider would benefit the Latino community, which will be posted in the Calendar.
  2. Register in our e-mail list website to receive vital periodical and updated information on events on health/career/jobs fairs, seminars, exhibits, festivals, workshops, conferences, religious activities, tournaments, legislation information, competitions, academic/cultural presentations, etc.
  3. Invite us to meet and greet events in your neighborhood community.
  4. Join us at our Annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration


Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, J.D./M.A.C.T.
Phone: 717-951-0905

Mission Statement

The Community/Social Justice Subcommittee (CSJS) of the Delaware Hispanic Commission is the subcommittee dedicated to do community outreach and organizing in the Latino community in Delaware, and is also in charge of raising issues of social justice affecting Latinos.

Area of Focus

• Networking
•  Community organizing to support DHC subcommittees’ goals.
•  Advocating for civil rights and social justice issues
•  Promoting and enhancing Latino/Hispanic cultural contributions

Delaware Public Policy Agenda

Short Term Goals

• Promoting meetings with key collaborators to address sustainability issues of the DHC.
•  Support efforts for instruction of the community on Driver Privilege Cards.
• Youth Handbook Disseminate information on Voting Registration
•  Planning the 2016 Hispanic Heritage Month events.

Long Term Goals

• Creating the Office of Hispanic Affairs and supporting ways to solidify sustainability of the DHC work.
•  Enhance the electronic network and partnerships
•  Contribute to social media
•  Continue motivating agencies for compliance of Limited English Proficiency requirements
•  Participate in cultural events promoting the Latino/Hispanic culture
•  Collaborate with increasing Media relationships
•  Feeding stories, articles, and community contacts


• Community mobilization of support and advocacy for the Senate Bill 59, Drivers Privilege Cards legislation, which led to the passing of the bill.
•  Member of the Coalition for Safer Roads for All Delawareans.
•  Petition with #500 signatures in support of the SB59 legislation.
•  Several meeting with grassroots throughout the state
•  Creation of the Hispanic Media Advisory Group that contains all the radio, electronic, television and print media serving the Latino community in Delaware.
•  Letter sent to hundreds of agencies and non-profit organizations that receive federal funding, with information and motivation on compliance with the Limited English Proficiency Act.
•  Statewide Community Conversations organized to survey community priority needs before the 2014 Delaware Latino Summit.
•  Publishing of Si Se Puede/Yes We Can column published in the Hispanic media.
•  Four years organizing the Hispanic Heritage Month events with an average of attendance of 250 participants.

Immigration Reform

  • Know Your Rights (English)  |  Conozca Sus Derechos (Español)
  • Know Your Rights Flyer (English)
  • Know Your Rights with ICE (English)
  • Preparing for Immigration Relief / Preparación para el Alivio de Inmigración (Español)
  • You Have Rights / Usted Tiene Derechos (Español - con una tarjeta en Inglés)
  • Youth Handbook 2015-06-05 / Manual para la Juventud (Español)
  • Warning! Do not hire or contract with a provider that ... |  ¡Advertencia! No contrate a un proveedor que... (Español)
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